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    August 21, 2019


     Late last year, I began exploring the possibility of translating my artwork on to wearable accessories. After researching several companies, I settled on one that offers exactly what I was looking for. I also tested the market to see which items would be a good fit for my designs and for the demographic that is most attracted to my work. For now, I've decided to offer Draped Kimonos and Scarves. 


    I did a "soft sell' late last year while showing my artwork at various art exhibits and received favorable responses from the public.


    My initial plan was to release this new collection in the Fall/2019. But after thinking more about it, I realized that the closer we get to Christmas and the Holidays, the longer it takes to produce each garment. Each item is


    literally made-to-order and takes up to 2 weeks to produce. So make sure to order early!


    One of the features about my new Kimonos is that they look great on any body type! Sometimes the longer Kimonos can overpower a petite frame. The back is short in length and the front drapes beautifully. I chose a sheer Poly Chiffon fabric for two reasons; it falls nicely against the body and because it doesn't add extra bulk.


    My new Draped Kimonos can easily be worn during the day with jeans, shorts or a skirt and then transition into evening wear. 







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    February 11, 2020

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