Starting Over AGAIN!

Colorado to Arizona then Arizona to California all within 6 months time!

Needless to say.... My creative life and studio were starting over AGAIN!

I'm all smiles in the photo but the the months leading up to our departure came with some sadness and resistance on my part. The reason for the move was positive and a huge blessing for me and my family but I just wasn't ready to move again.

So here we are in sunny California. Not picking up where we left off 4 years ago but really starting a new season in our lives. I'm slowly adjusting as I set my intention on trusting God through things I do not fully understand just yet.

It feels good to be working in my studio again as it is the place that centers me most.

More to follow next time on the Power of Prayer and Art Journaling.


Here are 3 new Art Greeting Cards that I released today.

Don't forget to order some for all your gift giving needs this holiday season.!greeting-cards/c1ka7

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