"As an Artist, I help  people discover more of who they are through my art and expressive workshops"  


Polly is a mixed media artist who works primarily with acrylics, oil pastels, inks, and paper material on wood, canvas and fine art paper. She earned a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology and utilizes her prior counseling experience in her current art practice. Polly’s work explores the hidden and undiscovered parts of a person that typically lie beneath the exterior. She likens her art process of peeling away the surface layers of paint and paper to that of an onion, a common metaphor used in the process of self-discovery.

Her artwork is intuitive, expressive and rich in texture. Polly’s artwork has been known to generate personal narratives for the viewer which are meant to be written down and pondered upon in the days that follow.

Polly’s art career began over 20 years ago after leaving a career track to follow a creative path that merges self-discovery through art and creativity. She has sold and exhibited her work at retail shops, boutiques, bazaars, women's conferences, galleries, juried and unjuried art exhibits. Her style has evolved from self-taught Decorative Painting to Figurative and Illustrative Painting. At times, you can still see traces of those styles which tend to spill into her current, more Abstract and Expressive way of working.

She is a native of Southern California and has facilitated creative and expressive workshops as a means for helping people acknowledge the unacknowledged and to discover more of who they are.

Polly’s Illustrative Paintings have been used in;

CD Cover Design

2014- For The Rest Of Your Life, Denise Capra

2014- Children Of Promise, Denise Capra

2014- Buried Treasure, Denise Capra   


Website Graphics

2017-  California Country Gal

Book Illustrations

2020- For The Rest Of Your Life – Kindle Version – Denise Capra

Package Labeling

2020- California Country Gal, Pancake & Waffle Mix


Coachella Magazine; Dec 15, 2020 Digital Version- UNCERTAIN TIMES



Polly’s work can also be found in private collections within the US, Canada and Mexico




Professional Memberships