20/20 VISION IN 2020

Hey friends! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in 2 days?!!!! Where did the year go? I think most of us say the same thing year after year. So, 2019 was a year of intentional exploration of new things. My focus word for the year is TRY IT so I've made a conscious effort to pursue things outside of my norm. One of the major things I started was POLLY'S PAINT PARTIES this past September. You most likely read about it in my emailed newsletter. To make a long story short, I've spent most of November building a new website specially for Polly's Paint Parties. I've also added workshops and classes for adults and kids. Having it on the EYES OF MY HEART ART STUDIO SITE just didn't feel like a goo


This is me working on a 24” x 48” painting in 2017. She ended up being one of my most treasured and expensive pieces. And after carting her around from show to show for 2 years, she finally sold at yesterday’s art event! When I shared my victory with an acquaintance, she said, “that’s what happens when you keep showing up.” Isn't that a powerful truth?!!! I wanted to share that same encouragement with you and hope that you’ll apply it to whatever you’re pursuing in life. KEEP SHOWING UP even when things are seemingly stagnant. Your victory is right around the corner!


WHAT'S NEW THIS MONTH, plus some November Specials. Get yourself a snack. This is a long one! Introducing my new EXPRESSIVE ABSTRACT series "THE UNFOLDING". Check out my NEW ART SERIES and be sure to stop by my EVENTS page to find out where I'll be exhibiting for the 2019/2020 art season. POLLY'S PAINT PARTIES rolled out in September and we are in full swing! Did you know that every time you HIRE us to do a paint party at your gathering or event, you are partnering with us in sharing kindness and the gift of creativity? Well, you are! See, our paid gigs help us pay for the FREE Creativity Workshops we offer in underserved areas of the community. In the photo above, it shows our most recent e

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