DEFEAT Fear, Anxiety & Procrastination In Your Creative Practice

I posted this on my Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago and it turns out, others needed a little PEP TALK too! I’ve been in procrastination mode since 6am🤨. I’ll find anything that needs cleaning just to avoid working on my “have to” paintings.I know it’s about fear but fear about what? I keep asking myself, “what are you afraid of” and all I can come up with is, I’m not sure what to do next. It’s okay to be in this place but it’s not okay to stay there. By the way, it doesn’t mean you’re “blocked”. That critical voice sneaks in and tries to cause doubt. Shut it down by facing it head on. 1) Start to notice your patterns. For me, it’s cleaning insignificant things and multiple trips to the


Three things that kickstart my creativity... 🎨 Work-ready space. It makes a huge difference if you have an area that doesn’t need to be cleared off after each paint session. I always have a fresh basin of water on my work table along with paint, brushes and collage scraps. 🎨Work-in-progress pieces. This could be anything that calls for your response when you look at it or walk by it ( not in a drawer or buried behind the canvas). A second pass of paint, a new mark or maybe an added collage element. One gesture prompts the next and before you know it, you’ve sparked your creativity and are ready to move onto the more serious pieces. 🎨Good lighting. I tend to get sleepy, bored and uninspir

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